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ISLA -Information Services Latin America- is a fiscally sponsored non-profit organization established in 1970. We combine professional news monitoring services with educational and non-profit support activities. Our monthly publication provides a comprehensive overview of U.S. and British media coverage on Latin America. Our web-site offers alternative Latin American voices an opportunity to expound on their own reality. ISLA offers a wide range of information-related services, including networking assistance, public access to our collections, and assistance in obtaining resources.

ISLA's mission is to generate, participate in and facilitate dialogue for social change via information sharing. We focus on challenging US foreign policy and supporting pro-democracy activists in Latin America. We go about this proactively, networking with organizations around the world and offering something concrete -a channel for having their voices heard, contact with like-minded organizations, and our English language press monitoring service.

We believe that effective social change stems from dialogue, and that dialogue leads to greater understanding between all parties involved, as well as more balanced, long-lived and culturally sensitive action. We support strategies for change generated by the people whose lives are most directly impacted.

ISLA-monthly publication
Subscribe to ISLA's unsurpassed press monitoring service covering every country in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1970.  Each month our full service provides approximately 350 pages of carefully selected articles from nine major English language news sources, organized in a convenient, user-friendly fashion. You can order a single country, a region, or our full service. Back issues are available through 1970. Our publication is also available in microfilm format. For more information, or a free sample, please contact Karen Crump at or by telephone at (510) 869-2711.

Colombia Information Project
Since 1992, ISLA has been providing information free of charge to several key organizations in Colombia and the United States. All organizations are actively engaged in human rights work in Colombia and find ISLA keeps them abreast of US activities in the region. ISLA provides an accurate picture of the news shaping US public opinion, as well as information not readily available in Colombia. Among the core groups involved in our Colombia Information Project are the Comision Andina de Juristas, the Instituto Latinamericano de Servicios Legales Alternativos and the Centro de Investigacion Nacional de Educacion Popular. Understandably, the number of organizations now involved in this project has grown considerably as US intervention in Colombian affairs has escalated. 

Additionally, we strive to provide an outlet for Colombian scholars and activists via our web-site, as well as provide resources when possible. ISLA participates in a wide variety of conferences and workshops aimed at building the movement against US intervention in Colombia.

We welcome any donations toward supporting the Colombia Information Project. Checks should be written to the ISLA/Agape (Agape is ISLA's fiscal sponsor) and sent to ISLA, P.O. Box 6103, Albany  CA  94706. We also invite you to subscribe to our Colombia service. Please visit our links section for more information on Colombia, as well as contacts for Colombia support groups in your area.

Conexiones Project
ISLA, in conjunction with the DataCenter, has been involved with the Conexiones project for over ten years. The project grew out of requests by Cuban scholars for greater access to information. Originally, ISLA provided 36 organizations with subscriptions to our full and regional press monitoring services, along with a made-to-order publication called the InfoMonitor. In 1998 a greater effort to encourage dialogue came to fruition with the birth of the Conexiones portion of our web site. Our popular Conexiones segment is unique in that the works of Cuban scholars are published in English and accessible, free of charge, to everyone with an Internet connection.  The project currently includes ISLA subscriptions for fourteen Cuban research centers, including the Universidad de la Habana, Centro de Investigaciones de la Economia Internacion, Centro de Investiagciones Psicologicas y Sociologicas and the Centro Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We continue to post the unique works of our Cuban collaborators.

Research Services
ISLA offers research services on a selective basis and for a fee to individuals and institutions. We do not provide these services to lawyers doing asylum cases, at this point. Our current rate is $40 per hour,  plus copying and postage fees when they apply. Feel free to contact us at (510) 996-2318 or, if you are interested in using this service.

Pro Bono Services
Non-profit organizations, students, activists, and free-lance journalists may contact us at any time for assistance in finding information resources, for networking purposes, and for other types of support. Please refer to our contact information for staff biographies. Our staff is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and would be happy to assist you n your language of choice.  All staff can be reached at

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