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New Arrivals

Biodiversity (1 November 2012)

Interview with Chilean Student Leaders (1 September 2011)

Guatemalan Elections (1 August 2011)

Chilean Torture Ship (1 July 2011)

Posada Carriles: una brasa en las manos para Bush (1 July 2007)

Luis Murillo's testtimony to US Congress (1 May 2007)

Violencia en Guatemala (1 May 2007)

Previous Reports

Cumber indigena en las Americas en Argentina

Indigenous peoples build their own strategy at the fourth Summit of the Americas

Bolivian Social Movements in the First Lustrum of the 21st Century

Colombia - massacre at San Jose de Apartado

PBI statement on Colombian massacre

Paraguay - an unprecedented legal victory

Unsafe Abortion = Maternal Mortality

Paraguay - una victoria judicial sin precedentes

Despenalizacion del aborto

Upcoming elections in Latin America



Venezuela: the Referendum and Indigenous People

Venezuela: Referéndum y Pueblos Indígenas

Why he crushed the oligarchs : the importance of  Chavez

Venezuela: colonialismo racista del opositores

Globalization: the Environment and Sovereignty Issues

"Instead of recognizing that commercial interests build on nature and on the contribution of other cultures, global law has enshrined the patriarchal myth of creation to create new property rights to life forms, just as colonialism used the myth of discovery as the basis of the takeover of the land of others as colonies."

-Vandana Shiva referring to WTO regulations on patents, Reith Lectures 2000

Mapuche/Pehuenche resistance in Chile

Making Headlines in Chile
Chilean government and Pehuenches sign agreement
Mapuche youth shot by Chilean police
Mapuches burn Chilean flag in front of Moneda 
Monsanto Bt Cotton in Colombia

Consejo de bioseguridad libero bioplaguicida transgenico de Monsanto

International Conference on Food Sovereignty and Against Genetically Modified Organisms

Encuentro Nacional e Internacional por la Sobernia Alimentaria

Farmers and Indigenous People Denounce Patents on Maca

Campesinos y Pueblos Indigenas del Peru denuncian patentes sobre Maca

Transgenic Toxic Waste for the Third World

Basura Toxica Transgenica para el Tercer Mundo

In Defense of Corn and Against Genetically Modified Organisms


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